Lifting Equipments 2

Lifting Equipments


Product Description

Our Lifting equipment series covers a wide range of lifting machines which are necessary for transportation of pallets and heavy goods.These Lifting Equipments and accessories we offer are known for its unmatched quality and cost effective nature. Our range is described in the following:

Geared trolley, Short link chain, Ratchet load binder, Alloy steel & stainless steel – grab hooks, eye hooks, shank hooks, eye bolts, clamps, thimbles, shackles, link chains, bow and dee shackles, Single & double sheave pulleys, Forged master links, Snatch blocks & wooden pulley blocks, Plate lifting clamps (vertical & horizontal types), Galv turnbuckles, Hand Winch, Aluminium ferrules, MS- alloy steel &Stainless Steel accessories.


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